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First and foremost, I am a maker. I live and love to create. As a kid growing up in West Texas, my parents didn’t always appreciate my inquisitive nature. I’m sure that had more to do with me dismantling everything to see how it worked rather than a need to stifle my personal creativity. But as I outgrew the limits and perspectives of our square mile town, I knew it was time for me to make something I had never made for myself, a life, truly my own. So after coming out at eighteen, I packed everything I could into a single bag and moved to Los Angeles. 

A slew of jobs ensued, but it was a gift I gave to a friend that reignited an old love for sewing and earned me a spot in my first gallery show. Over the next few years, I cultivated a following of devoted patrons and as one patron transitioned into the role of director, he trusted me to take on the role of costume designer. After a year and a half of filming and every challenge I thought I could face, a producer on the film asked me to join a stop motion animation short and every challenge I thought I had mastered took on a whole new scale.

I’ve taught myself everything I know about costume construction and puppet fabrication, I know that doesn’t compare to the knowledge of fashion professors and the accreditation earned in college but I know the language of collaboration and adaptation. I know the ins and outs of hard work and in order to close the gap of what I may not know, I’ve cultivated in myself a work ethic that has carried me past the expectations of all those that have ever entrusted me with their vision.  

I am not and never will be bound by limitations. I am forever growing and will do as I always have and rise to the occasion.   

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